About Us

The Southern Connemara Pony Group was instigated a number of years ago under the guidance of Jenny Sweeney and Joan Dahill. Today we have a strong membership, which encompasses a large area of the southern counties of Ireland.
We have a dedicated and active committee who represent Clare, Cork, Kerry, Limerick, Tipperary and Waterford (Munster). Cork County Show and Midleton Show are our primary show cases in this region, with many competitors coming from all parts of Ireland; Cork County Show has a dedicated class for our members. We thank all the other shows who also run classes for our ponies all over our district and a very sincere thanks to our sponsors. Please see list on Event Tab this is only a snap shot as there are other shows in the area.
Our aim is to promote the Connemara Pony in the southern belt of Ireland to a wider audience. To provide advice/information on all aspects relating to equine issues. To bring together like minded people in an atmosphere conducive to teaching, learning and promoting, of our most famous Irish animal The Connemara Pony which is known in every part of the world.
The Southern Connemara Pony Group (www.irishconnemaraponies.com) meet on a regular basis holding information evenings for their members and friends. This is a positive forum where our members are encouraged to participate in discussion, it also acts as a networking exercise were members have the opportunity to exchange ideas with like minded people. These meetings provide advice on breeding, showing, performance, feeding, stable management etc: and the many other aspects of the equestrian world.
We have many prize wining ponies in Munster in all disciplines. We are very proud of our long standing member Elizabeth Petch, who not only created the Coosheen dynasty, but also produced the book Connemara Pony Breeders Society 1923 – 1998.  
Now with the ever increasing use of computers, laptops, iPads or mobile phones, the group has decided to proceed down the technology route as an appropriate way of informing our members of coming events, news etc. We have chosen  www.irishconnemaraponies.com as our domain name in order to optimise search engines. The name of the group remains the same that being The Southern Connemare Pony Group. Please bear with us over the next few weeks as we up-load data.
We would encourage all those who not only have this super Irish Connemara Pony, but also those who share with us an interest in the bred to join us and become members.
Through this Blog we endeavour to extend to all our members a medium where by they can exchange information to the benefit of all.